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As always, my timing is impeccable. As official blogger, photographer, nomad etc etc for the carnival here in Noumea I access all areas and come and go as I please. But that’s not the point of this story, I arrived at our featured table, they are all featured tables, to see one of the locals shove all in on the river and one of our Japanese friends was deep in the tank.

At risk of you already seeing the picture, I will give a little more detail. Not seeing the pre flop, flop or turn action all I can tell you is there was around 25,000 in the pot and New Caledonia was all-in for his last 15,000 and at risk for his tournament life if Japan can find a call.

Flop was fairly insignificant 4h 2c 4c

Turn – As

River – 6h


So what went on exactly?

Now let me give you the hands for each of the countrymen:-

New Caledonia – Aces

Japan – Kings

Our friend from Japan folds to the river bet and tables Kings – out of respect our New Caledonian friend tables Aces for the full house.

Shuffle up and deal.

The Poker P.I.


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