The picture above is of the current sedate cash tables – all locals – no crazy Australians yet!

I have been asked to post an update about the crazy cash game, following my second sitting last night, until the early hours of this morning.

I use these opportunities to really immerse myself into the New Caledonian culture, improve my french, provide some entertainment, and, ultimately, this time share some Australian dollars with the locals!

‘Tous pour Papa’ – was being chanted by two crazy Australians on the 5 card Omaha Hi-Lo game. From the moment the table was announced to be opened and Maddog and I took a seat – they swarmed like hungry Piranha! Mel Judah officiated the table transfers for those with stacks that intended to make them deeper and away we went. Action started from the first hand and didn’t stop until the table was closed around 4am. I didn’t make it that long – I was smart and left at 3am for a few reasons, mainly that I had gifted as much as I was prepared to last night so I can make a come back and fight another day!

Maddog managed to profit, I didn’t, but thats ok, I am just setting up a loose image – next time it will be “Tous pour Papa !!!!!!” –  All for Daddy !!!!

Because this time it was ‘Aucun pour Papa’ – yep you guessed it “None for Daddy” …


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