Update on my first post. Ok, unfortunately the turbulent ride I went on yesterday didn’t allow time to give you any updates – we sat down at 12.10 (I was late in true Phil Hellmouth style but without the entourage) and took my seat late in the first level with my 25,000 starting stack.

I pre registered on-line and I do this for some very specific reasons. Firstly I don’t like lining up for rego and the line was at least 30 meters long when I rocked in. Secondly, when you register early you are allocated a seat on the main floor and they don’t break those tables until last. I like to get a feel for the players – what I can and can’t get away with and then exploit it as much as possible for the rest of the day.

By level 2 the rego cage was bursting and new tables needed to be opened … to assist this they pulled players from the main area and this was my first move – second table. Time to get used to everyone all over again knowing I was probably on the first table that would break.

I won’t go on with it but I was moved onto 5 new tables in total yesterday until I finally made my way back to the main floor. Ok – now we can play some poker.

My stack had been up and down like a yo-yo between start stack and a touch under 40k … at this stage it was start stack.

By the last break of the night I was down to 10k and not feeling like this was ending well for me. An impromptu strategy talk and rev up with @daletownsend and the mind was back in the job.

We ended up bagging just under 100k and return today with the other 111 survivors of flights 1 and 2 … someone has to win the $177k first prize and we have an “average” stack to do it with.

Crown has elected to go with the “Big blind ante” format for all of its tournaments for this carnival and I am a massive fan. More hands per hour because there are no delays, no issues as to who did or didn’t post and once you pass through the blinds you maintain the same level of “fold equity” without chipping away at your stack each hand. It makes for some interesting decisions when stealing from hijak/cutoff/button and even small blind based on how open the range will be for the big blind. Overall I am a fan and think big blind ante is the best way for the game going forward HOWEVER I am not a fan of a 6 max tournament requiring 100% big blind ante … for those that have lost me, if the small blind is 1500 and the big blind is 3000 then the big blind ante is 3000 (100% of the big blind). Under the previous structure each player would post 300 ante so for 8 players its 2400, 9 players 2700 but for only 6 it is 1800. Running the big blind ante at 100% in a 6 max tournament is a little steep especially when tables are out of balance and you have 5 players. The right sizing would be 60-80%.

One last semi-interesting discussion on tells before I go and get into character for today. On my fourth table last night I called a raise holding 77 in the small blind – I was the third player in and was trying to sneak in undetected and hopefully flop a set – anyway the big blind decides to raise – to 7,000 – an omen! .. three of us call … flop

3 5 10 … rainbow

I check and he puts out a continuation bet of 11,000 and the other two fold – perfect, now I just need to work out if my sevens are good. This is the problem with table breaking so often I can’t base my decision on history because I have been there for five minutes. I am in seat one and he is in seat two … so I tank for a while just to see what he does. He’s one of the sunglasses crew – which is fine I have no issue with that – “you do you” – but under the table his legging is jumping out of its skin!!! So he either woke up with Aces in the big blind – or, he has nothing … there is no in between … ultimately I am a baby about it and fold – he shows Ace-deuce for a Gutshot straight and a speech “I just felt it” … good to know champion – I’ll be watching next time … but of course there wasn’t to be a next time because our table was broken and we went out separate ways.

I will let you know how things progress!


Crown Poker Champs champion – maybe?

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