Day 2 of the Crown Poker Champs main event and we had a slightly less than average stack. The exact numbers ended up being 119 retuning for day 2 with the top 63 to be paid.

Unfortunately our run was to be short lived having busted in the latter stages of the first level back.

It’s not a bad beat story, just a mis read of what the villain was playing – based on his pre flop raising previously and then (in this hand) his flop bet I pieced it all together and came up with “he is protecting maybe second or top pair and maybe has a flush draw”. I flopped the flush so when he made a pot sized bet on the flop I shoved over the top – the other player folded and the villain snap called … I was soooo wrong … he also flopped a flush and he genius somehow knew I must of as well!

I was drawing so thin it wasn’t funny and then dead on the turn when the jack repeated. And so came an end to the run.

For those that like specifics here it is:

– Blinds 1500/3000/3000 bba

– Villain raises to 7k from cutoff

– I call from button with 6h 7h (first time I had considered playing suited connectors) – given his pre-flop activity and showdowns his range was wide from here

– big blind calls off the discount

– Flop Kh Jh 5h

– big blind checks, villain checks his cards, thinks, bets 25,000

– and this is where my assessment is completely wrong and I shove 88k into the pot as an early birthday present … big blind folds and villain calls instantly with a speech “I’ve never hit a royal flush before” and tables Qh 10h for the up and down straight flush draw and made second nut flush

– obviously he discounted any Ah xh in my calling range from the button (which I definitely play there) … and that was it

Should I have gone broke there? I love hearing the experts from the rail of what they would do once I have given all the info ????????

There will always be another main event, there will always be more poker to play!

Yours in poker

The Prince

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