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Brisbane certainly exceeded all expectations with the latest carnival for The Australian Poker tour held at Eatons Hotel and function centre. Coming off a record high from Sydney, it was originally thought that numbers is the same vicinity would be great – what was to come was nothing less than; fairly well controlled chaos!

Flight 1a for the main event started at 1pm and when the doors opened, Brisbane poker players came in droves! With approximately 227 runners in the first flight everyone knew this was going to be a huge weekend!

Day one starts with a T30,000 stack and 20 minute blinds for 14 levels – survivors bag up and have a stack ready for day 2 on Sunday. There are a couple of caveats:

  1. If you are not happy with the stack you can enter other flights in an attempt to build a larger stack – the biggest stack will come through to Day 2
  2. This event in Brisbane had to option of a single re-entry up until the break – this ‘back up’ provides players who bust early with the ability to ‘get back on the horse’ and continue playing. From memory the total re-entries were less than 3-4% of the total field.

The action is relatively fast and furious on Day 1, plenty of bad beat stories, plenty of players trying to chip up in the dying minutes of the flight and either succeeding, or, not …

Around 70 survived the Day 1a onslaught which ended around 6pm on Friday evening … at 7pm flight 1b would start…

Another massive influx of Brisbane’s finest poker players joined the looooonnngggg registration line to get into what was shaping up to be the biggest prize pool in main event history for the APT. And sure enough, well before the registration line had depleted they had surpassed the $50,000 Guarantee – with still one flight to run on Saturday!

The largest stack on flight 1b was shorter than 1a at T282,000 but the expectation was the same, come back Sunday and playoff for a part of the massive prize pool still building!

I won’t ruin the ending for those that already know the results, keep an eye out for the next blog update for main event day 2 wrap up (tomorrow) for the next instalment!

Plenty of action to keep you updated. Unfortunately given the numbers over the weekend my multi tasking role of Tournament Director, MC and Poker blogger saw the latter completely ignored, my humble apologies to those who waited patiently for updates that never came, until, well, a week later – now!


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