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The last hand of the day would determine today’s chip leader- and with that Samir would hit the rail! Holding KQ he shoved the river with top pair – Samuel tanked the call – but made it to show 2 3 off for two pair on the river!

We are set for day 2 people! We had 75 entries today and 46 have bagged chips to return with the 34 survivors from flight 1a.

Chip leader today is Samuel from New Caledonia who surged on the last hand to over 90,000. Nobody was able to catch Mario and his 111,000 from flight 1a so Noel will start tomorrow second in chips.

We have a prize pool!

The top 18 places will be paid:-

1st   – 3,402,300

2nd – 1,990,800

3rd  – 1,378,200

4th  – 1,005,400

5th  – 832,300

6th  – 685,800

7th  – 565,900

8th  – 472,700

9th  – 406,100

10th – 346,300

11th & 12th – 326,200

13th, 14th & 15th – 279,600

16th, 17th & 18th – 246,400

Some day 1b memories …

img_1394 img_1396 img_1398 img_1400 img_1401 img_1403 img_1404 img_1407 img_1410 img_1411 img_1412 img_1413 img_1414 img_1416 img_1419 img_1420 img_1421 img_1423 img_1424 img_1425 img_1426 img_1427 img_1429 img_1431 img_1432 img_1433 img_1434 img_1435



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