Battle of the Leagues Champion ! – Jack Green

It would be another busy day on the felt, and the floor, for the second day of action!

  • Battle of the leagues
  • Super high roller – day 2
  • Pokershop 3000
  • Main event flight 1c
  • Win the button

Our TD’s, admin desk, floor staff, dealers and set up crew were kept well and truly on their toes when Saturday rolled around.

The battle of the leagues “champion league” was Players PKR from the Sunshine coast, adding to a growing, distinguished list of past champions including NPL Wide Bay and Poker Nation. This event has now been played three times with none of the individual event champions representing the team crowned as champions on the day.

For those not familiar with the event structure, teams of up to ten register together and as individuals. The $50 ‘team’ registration goes the the team with the highest points aggregate (top 50 players are awarded points for their team). The game plays as a normal multi table tournament until there is one winner – Jack was the man in Brisbane! As stated above, never has the ultimate team crowned as champions actually won this event, the closest was Poker Nation having two out of the final three players on final table and they still couldn’t take it down!

Super high roller

The second day action was fast and furious. The idea was to play down to the final 8 and come back for the final table on Sunday at 1pm.

FInal 6 of the Super high roller

As predicted (by me) the final table was set well before the dinner break and it was agreed by the final eight players that they would play another 2 levels (until the dinner break) then come back on Sunday afternoon.

We had two more eliminations before finishing for the night and the final six were locked in for an action packed Sunday!

Our chip leader going into Sunday would be Steve Swalling seated in seat 5 pictured above.

Pokershop 3000

Event 6 on the card saw 221 entries to this tournament! The eventual, well deserving champion is …

Dylan Clark

Proudly sponsored by this event is very popular amongst the die hard “I need another game” poker players.

Main event flight 1c

With two flights already under the belt and the prize pool already over $66k this flight was going to be HUUUGGGEEE! And it was. A registration line snaking through the tournament floor, out the doors and half way to the Gold Coast, or so it seemed!

The rego desk was going crazy, players were getting anxious to be a part of the action of the main event and during level 2, everyone was in their seats with late entry until the end of level 7 and one re-entry option. This was by far the biggest flight, ever!

The offical number came in during level eight with 877 total entries and over $114k in the prize pool! One lucky winner would walk away with $24,500 in first place prize money!

Smashing all previous records the Australian Poker Tour has successfully moved from strength to strength in filling this void in Australian poker! Well done to all, especially the players in making sure this dream has become a bigger reality in a shorter time than was ever expected. I take my funny Tartan hat off to all of you in admiration …

Win the button

Adam Gormley

One of the fun side events is “Win the button”, which is played as a standard NLHE game with one twist. If you win the hand – you win the dealer button and the two people immediately to your left must post the blinds!

Adam bested a field of 95 runners with Joe Hachems hand from the WSOP championship back in 2005 – slightly less prize money for Adam unfortunately.

There were three champions crowned on this day with the main and super high roller flowing over into the Sunday for all the Day 3 action at the Australian Poker Tour!

Keep an eye out for the wrap up soon and photo albums from Day 2 action!

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