Lisa being re-raised
Lisa contemplating and asking if he has the nuts
Lisa still thinking
Lisa – 5 mins later – still thinking and asking if he has the nuts
The flop
Lisa’s hand
The fold – guy then shows her 4-6 for the nuts

We have played down to a final table in the Pot limit Omaha and we have a star studded field. I caught up with Andrew “Maddog” Shanahan when the final table bubble burst and he and Mrs Maddog (wife of Shanahan as previously shown on screen at the NCPO) bagged 125,0000 and Lissy a little over 100k – that gives them close to 50% of the chips in play!

Dennis is all-in
Dennis has a caller
Dennis finds a straight!
Dennis is a happy man – takes it down and eliminates a player
Maddog runner runner Royal flush!
Just another days work

I will bring you all the action from the final table starting at 12.30pm tomorrow.

At 5pm tomorrow afternoon we have event 3 – No Limit Holdem 44,000XPF buy-in.

Mega satellite is still underway and has just compressed to a final table – we will have another 6 main event seats won tonight!

The Poker P.I.

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