The final nine have returned for minor placings to be decided – and after only one and a half levels there are only six left!

The action was so fast nay the time I returned with a coffee the ninth player had been eliminated and was walking to the cage so I can’t reveal the hands to you.

Christophe eliminated in 9th position

Eliminated by Lisa Shanahan who is building on her already impressive chip stack.

Joelle eliminated in 8th position

Andrew “Maddog” Shanahan and Joelle got it all in on a flop of:-

2h 3c 5d

When the cards were exposed, this is why we saw :-

Joelle – Jh Ac 2d Ah

Maddog – 3d 3s 8s 8c

Maddog’s set of 3’s was well in the lead with Joelle looking for an Ace, running hearts, a 4 plus some other running cards to unlikely to mention …

Turn 8d

Maddog makes another set on the turn!

River Js

Maddog takes out Joelle and builds the chip tower a little taller!

Constantine eliminated in 7th position

It would all go in pre-flop (again) Constantine’s tournament life on the line with Tetsuya making the call.

Constatine – AKJ9

Tetsuya – AQK4

The board J Q 6 6 2

Ace queen wins the pot and we lose another player.

Tetsuya eliminated in 6th position

Probably the strongest player on this Omaha table, Tetsuya has been a regular visitor to the shores of New Caledonia for the NCPO at APT events.

Tetsuya was all-in pre flop with two callers, Joseph and Maddog

Flop 5d Ah 7c

Joseph makes a 1/3 pot sized bet and Maddog folds

Tetsuya shows – Ks 10s 8d 7d

Joseph shows – 3h 6h 5c 7h

Tetsuya holds a pair of 7’s against two pair and needs a King or a ten to take the lead, straight draws up and down – running flush etc etc … in terrible shape!

Turn 2c

River Qd

Two pair holds and Tetsuya is eliminated 6th

We have five players left in the hunt, two Australians and three French! Who will take the trophy???

The Poker P.I.


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