No more entries ! Brian has made the announcement and we now have all the stats we need pending an actual winner of course!

Flight 1a – Total entries 82 – Total survivors 26

I had a side bet with Mel and Brian for ‘closest’ to the number of players going through to day 2

Brian – 30

Mel – 28/29

The P.I. – 27

I am claiming victory as closest – although Mel is now protesting as he ‘believes’ his actual number was 26 … there has been a vote of no trust and now numbers must be written down – we have already put these numbers in for the end of this flight – but i digress!

We have had 118 entries bringing the total opening event numbers to 200 which puts 6,000,000XPF in the prize pool! As a side note, Mel guessed there would be 190 total entries and i guessed 200 – i am claiming a 2 from 2 victory right now.

There are 68 players left in this flight, currently on Level 8 and we will play 12 levels tonight.

I am going on record now to say that 34 players WILL go through to day 2 from this flight. To be confirmed later.

I expect we will have a new chip leader going into tomorrow given the additional chips in play.

Here are some player pics!


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