There were almost 20 players eliminated in the last 17 minutes of play bringing the qualifiers for day two down to 26 – interestingly the same number as the first flight!

The chip leader from this flight, and overall going into day 2, is Robellaz Guillaume on 127,700

I have just been joined by Dennis Huntly – self proclaimed “most decorated player from Australia at this tournament” – I had to remind him that the decorations all came from Pub poker so we don’t count that in Noumea!

Dennis will go into day 2 with almost the shortest stack of one happy meal and 21,300 in chips – next proclamation “I am the master of the short stack”

“Tout pour Papa !!!!!!” are the last words I heard as he stumbled for the bar.

We will be back with all the action tomorrow with Day 2 action and Day 1 of the Pot Limit Omaha 55,000XPF buy in

Sweet dreams – wherever you are!

The Poker P.I.

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