There was no slow start to the day today – 52 players took to the felt not even one hour ago and we are already down to 34 players. Some big stacks are starting to emerge and i will have some counts for you directly.

We will play down to a final table today and I estimate, at this rate, it will be prior to 5pm island time!

The prize pool has been announced, the top 24 players will be paid with top prize almost 1,500,000XPF

Smiling now – but just wait a few hands after the table break
Always smiling – especially after knocking out Dennis!

Dennis was recently taken to broadway by Valerie much to his disgust, he was behind when the money went in pre-flop when he open shoved AQ off-suit and Valerie woke up with AK in the big blind. Dennis would see a Queen in the window, followed by a Jack and his fate would be sealed on the turn when the devastating 10 would fall giving Valerie broadway (Ace high straight).

Players are now on a ten minute break while we race off some smaller denominations. There are 30 players remaining, blinds are about to increase to 3000/6000/500 – the average stack is 66,666.

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