You see here a picture of the current 5 card Omaha cash table – blinds 500-500 Pot limit Hi-Lo. Do you see a little dissapointment on their faces? It’s because I left – they think I’m the cashier to their retirement – having built up a loose image for the first XPF200,000 I was easily able to get it in with KKQQx against AA10 10 x and A2xxx and A2xxx … flop 4 4 Q … turn K and river 4 … “Ta Ta Papa” – ‘Come to Daddy’ in Aussie speak – and the Prince takes down an XPF250,000 pot .. picks up and starts to take photo’s of the crowd again!

I keep walking by to tease them a little – cash hanging out of the pocket – a couple of happy snaps!

So when i ask you who the donkey at the table is … if you have been there with me … ITS STILL YOU!

Yours in Poker reporting – The Prince!

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