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Head Hunter Event 3 well and truly under way with 27 players remaining out of the original 90 entries after the dinner break!

We saw a range of hands go in for majority of their stack and a few players call along the way hoping for another scalp or a chance to build up their stack to last after the break – thanks to the dealers for creating some exciting action as we can see –


Danny making a nice little profit before the break –


Now to the hand of all hands previous to the main break, Dennis thinks that his deuces are good to raise all in with; and almost all players fold to him. He found a caller who turned over 88 and the board ran out as it should and Dennis makes the walk of shame back to Le Meridien! (Not a long walk but Dennis will argue that)


Maddog plotting away to maintain a nice stack and a few scalps despite his rebuy he thinks he’ll be in front by the end of the tournament. We’ll see how that plays out…

Yours truely the PI’s main counterpart ‘The Slueth’

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