Meet Samir, Samir has just re-entered the main event, Samir donked off all his chips with the first buy-in, don’t be like Samir!

Deep stack – event 4

Something for everyone, knocked out of Main event or waiting for Day 2 – no problem! The deep stack turbo is event number 4 and the friendly cage staff are ready and willing to take your money.

Boasting a 10,000 start stack, 20 minute blinds, a few blind increases missing from the structure and, no antes, this is a decent structure for the XPF23,000 buy-in I guess.

With 43 players registered already and entires/re-entries taken until Level 7 (currently level 2) we should expect around 70-80 runners for this event.

How do you play these events? Fast and furious – the game favours the aggressive, constant pressure, pound away on every street like a UFC fighter – but make sure you have it!

The Poker P.I.



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