There is not much more to say … however i will try!

So i arrived at table 6 which just happens to be next to my office to see Maddog Shanahan deep in thought in a hand – we already had a flop of

5d Kh 3h

Maddog checks and the Villain bets 5k … Maddog calls and we see a turn


This time Maddog leads out for 13k … our Villain tanks shoves for around 45k and Maddog can’t get the chips in fast enough – Villain turns over Kd Jd for top pair and flush draw, Maddog turns over 5h 2h for two pair and a petite flush draw!

River 5c

Maddog books up and sits amongst the chip leaders with over 110,000

Maddog has run well this NCPO – three tournaments played and no rebuys/re-entries! I have played Poker with him for years and this is the FIRST TIME EVER !

The Poker P.I.


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