Michel eliminated in 5th position

We have had another elimination at the sword of Andrew Shanahan, all the money was in pre and this is what we saw:-

Michel shows – Ah Qd 9h 3s

Maddog shows – Ac Kc 10s Jd

Flop 5s 6d 6s

Turn 2d

River 10s

In the end – Andrew takes it down with a pair of tens and Ace kicker!

We are now down to 4 players – France versus Australia !

Maddog eliminated in 4th position

Blinding away in the one seat without hands to fight with he got in in pre against Olivier

Maddog – Kc 10c 10h 4s

Olivier – Qd Qs 5h 7h

Nothing came on the board remotely close to a ten or a King and Maddog bows out in a respectable fourth position.

Lisa eliminated in 3rd position and now we are heads-up!

And this is how it went down, Lisa raised the pot to 50,000 and was called by Joseph

Flop Kd 3h Ah

Lisa then checked to Joseph who bet pot and Lisa shoves over the top and is instantly called!

Lisa shows – Kc Ks Jd 2c – for the trap with a set of Kings !!!

Joseph shows – Ac Kh 6h 8h – top top and a flush draw

Turn 6d 

River – Qh

With the flush completing on the river so does the tournament for Lissy – she has gone deep in this same event at the NCPO before and was looking to take this one all the way, fantastic effort – well done Lissy!


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