It came down to the two Frenchmen – Olivier and Joseph heads up for the Pot Limit Omaha championship. It all went in pre flop, and the cards were on their backs:-

Joseph shows – 9c 6h 8c 6d

Olivier shows – Ah Qh 4s 10c

Flop Jd Ks 8h

Joseph is ahead with a pair of 8’s but Olivier has many outs

Turn 3h

Joseph is still ahead with a pair of 8’s and Olivier picks up a flush draw

River Js

Joseph is able to negotiate an ocean of outs that Olivier has and takes the title!

This is the end of event number 2 – straight into event number 3 tonight – No Limit Holdem 44,000 buy-in.

The Poker P.I.

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