The eliminations have been like extracting teeth – painfully slow and now the blinds have altered the game to a push fest because of the

Matthieu eliminated 8th holding Ad 3d versus Chitan’s Ac Qd

Veronique eliminated 7th holding 7 4 versus Maddog’s Q Q 


Yvan eliminated 6th holding Qc 4d versus Daniel’s As Ah

Yvan was getting short on chips and shoved from the small blind – the stack was so small that Daniel made the call “no look” and what should he turn over

Daniel As Ah

Yvan Qc 4d

Board 3d Ac Kc Qs 3c

And Yvan’s time at the table was over – well played!

Sebastian eliminated 5th holding 99 versus J 10

Sebastian raised all-in pre flop and was called by Iori

Sebastian 9d 9s

Chitan Js 10d

Flop 9c 8d 4d 

Turn 2h

River 7h

Sebastian had a fantastic recovery to even make day two let alone the final table – he took a massive hit to his stack late day one and was down to 15,000 with 45 minutes to go! He built the stack and bagged 75,000 coming into today and finished a respectable 5th.

Maddog eliminated 4th holding Qh 9h versus 3s 6s

Maddog open shoved for his last 84,000 and just had to pass the small and big blinds – Chitan was already in for 24,000 and decided to call off the rest to put the Maddog at risk

Maddog tables Qh 9h

Chitan 3s 6s

Flop Ks Ad 8h

Safe for now – just need to avoid 6 outs

Turn 2h

Great card for Maddog, reduces the outs to 4 as any heart gives him the flush

River 6c

There were four cards to avoid and this was one – bad luck Maddog – solid performance again, that’s two final tables across 3 events played !

Daniel eliminated in 3rd position holding 6d 3s

The blinds are getting up and so when the going gets tough – you have to get going – you can’t fold to a victory and sometimes you need to make a stand. Daniel limped into the pot from the small blind an Iori slid a big stack of 10,000 chips across the bet line – more than enough to put Daniel all-in – our APT champ thought for a moment and decided the time was right and made the call – hoping, i am sure, that he had live cards.

Iori Kd 3s

Daniel 6d 3s

Flop 2c As 4s

Daniel will chop will scoop the pot with either a 5 or a 6

Turn 8d

Nothing changes, 7 outs … run it one more time

River 7c

Doesn’t help Daniel and he is out in third position.

Chitan eliminated in 2nd position holding Qc 10h and the champion is Iori who held Kd 6s

When we started the heads up battle the chips were held by Iori with 989,000 versus the stack of Chitan at 186,000 – a little over 5:1 chip lead to Iori. Chitan needed to get busy and they got it all in on hand number one

Iori Kd 6s

Chitan Qc 10h

The board Ac 6h Ah Jh 8c

Two pair in the end and the game was over – Iori is the new Bounty champion at NCPO for event number 4.

Event 5 – Pot limit omaha Hi/Lo

This event has started and registration is still open for this 55,000XPF by-in event.

We are now half way through the card with the following still to come

Thursday 2nd March – Pot Limit Courchevel – 33,000XPF

Friday 3rd March – Main event day 1a

Saturday 4th March – Main event day 1b

Sunday 5th March – No limit holdem freezeout day 1

The Poker P.I.


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    1. Hi Sophie – i hope you saw the update last night about the final 12 playing today which has just started- we have had one elimination so far.

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