We played main event day 1b from 12.30pm and the ‘last five hands’ call has been made, just as it was last night, at the ten minute remaining mark of the eleventh level.

There are currently 36 players in the running, for now, we will see who remains over the next few hands! I would expect some pretty safe poker being played given there are no more chances to dance in the big game and come back for day two tomorrow.

And we have a new chip leader going into day 2 of the main event, Mitsuhiro Shiga, with 161,300 has out chipped the day 1a leader to sit atop the dizzy heights!

We will be back with all the action for tomorrow’s day 2 from 1230pm as well as the 66,000XPF event 7 freeze out that starts at 5pm. This is event has no re-entries, which will be interesting play given the number of re-entries we have seen during the course of this tournament!

Check out our face book page for more photos of the action that unfolded today!

The Poker P.I.

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