We wake to another beautiful day in paradise and it’s off to the casino for some more Poker action!

We are here for the second day of event 3 – NLHE 44,000 buyin. 25 players made it back today and as i type this update we are down to 13 players already! The top ten will get paid and 1st place will walk away with almost 1,000,000XPF.

In the past hour i have seen the following “bad beats”

AA v 99 – for quad nines

10 10 v 99 – for a straight to the nine when 8 hit the river

qq v 99 – for a set of nines

I am not a big believer in the luck of numbers and playing based on ‘whats hot’ – but this was across different tables at different times and it seems (anecdotally) that if you have a pair of nines they are 99% chance of winning in this tournament, right now.

We have a couple of clear chip leaders emerging and one of them was the winner of event one – Casey Kastle – a quick check of his current stack reveals he has taken a couple of hits from the French contingent!

Current chip leader
Event 1 champion


Players have just taken the first break and here are the important stats

Players remaining – 12

Blinds/ante – 3000/6000/500

Average stack – 70,000

We have a bounty event tonight – event 4 on the card 66,000XPF buy-in with 10,000 per ‘scalp’ (which is another term for when you eliminate a player and collect their bounty). The field is expected to be around 90 players so another strong prize pool from 5pm tonight!


The Poker P.I.

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