The cash tables are where it is at! At least thats what the cash game players are telling me. We have three tables being played right now and the buy-in is anywhere from 20,000XPF (200AUD or thereabouts) to 100,000XPF (1,000AUD) – the exchange at the moment means that it is actually a little more in AUD but this is the easiest way to realise how much you are winning or losing after each hand.

The game is Pot limit Courcheval Hi-Lo – there are multi way pots each hand with “pot – pot – pot – all-in” a regular feature on these tables. There is a lot of fun and jocularity around the tables. It looks, from the outside, to be a fun and exciting game to be playing BUT BE WARNED, the fun and jocularity is a front for the sharks that are circling waiting for you to dive into the tank so they can take whatever bank roll you decide to sit down with!

To explain the way the game is played:-

  • Each player receives 5 cards
  • The first card of the flop will be exposed before any betting commences
  • next two cards of fop are dealt
  • more betting
  • Turn card
  • more betting
  • River card
  • more betting
  • Showdown using two of your best “high hand” cards and two of your best “low hand” cards – you can “scoop” the lot or share with others depending on who   holds what!

More often than not all the money is in the middle either on the flop or turn, screaming for their ‘outs’ to come up – looking for the ‘Max-Max’ and no split pot!

“Tout pour Papa” is another regular terms on these tables “All for Daddy/Papa”

It’s crazy and these crazy frenchmen and women love it – the International players love it as well because it is action central!

We have a 200,000XPF buy-in televised cash game here tomorrow from 2.30pm with blinds 1000-1000 – the action is expected to be at an all time high with some crazy players with deep pockets already signed up for the 8 seated table as well as players in reserve!

The Poker P.I.

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