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And in spectacular fashion!

Daniel held a reasonable stack all day but when it came to heads up he was a 2:1 dog. He clawed his way back pot by pot to almost even and then went as low as a 3:1 dog against Joelle. Then the tide changed when the dealer changed – enter Lily – it became a sad time for Joelle as Daniel started hitting sets, full houses, straights and flushes – he chipped up to a 4:1 lead before Joelle finally shoved pre-flop with 99 – easy call for Daniel when you are hitting the world and you could just tell he was going to win this pot – but not how we all thought!

It’s basically a 50/50 race with two over cards to an under pair, but this pot wouldn’t be won that way!

Let’s run through it all

Cards are turned over and we see the players have:-

Joelle – 9d 9c

Daniel – Ad Jd

Flop – 2c 4s 10h

Right now Joelle is in great shape for a double up!

Turn – 5d

Ok – so Daniel picks up a few more outs. Effectively any one of three Jacks, three Aces or four 3’s … a total of 10 outs which equates to 21%

So right now Joelle is a 4:1 favourite to win this hand

Did i already mention Lily was dealing?

Ok to a river please Lily

River – 3s !!!

Yes – she found it in the deck – a wheel for Daniel to secure the win and bad beat story for Joelle.

Well done gentlemen.

But for this writer the correct man won the game – Tous pour Papa!!!!!



The Poker P.I. aka The Prince aka the greatest mixed game player in the world


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