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There are 22 players left in the hunt for this title. The average stack is 53,636 – we are about to start Level 16 which is 500-1500-3000.

Jordan VDB is back on the felt – currently sitting with 20,000 in chips – has some work to do but tells me he just made the correct lay down – personally I call in this spot.

Pre-flop he raises to 8,000 with 10 10 … he gets two callers.

They both check to him, he bets 13,000 (half his stack is now in this pot people)

One of the local (self proclaimed) cougars snaps it all-in – other pre-flop caller gets out of the way and its ip to the protege to decide his fate – he tank folds and tells me she would have had JJ, QQ, KK or AA … I’m not so sure – but I hit the rail pretty early last night!

So maybe it was the best lay down ever … will we ever know?

The Poker P.I.


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