Things are a little sedate despite there being a number of short stacks. I can only put his down the the nightly partying down the road – Noumea doesn’t seem to sleep, there is just a constant daily routine of semi awake, play poker, drink, play poker, party, drink, play poker, nap … rinse and repeat!

More action … i juts heard “Ta Pi” – I’m not sure of the spelling but i know it means “All-in” – i term i have come to really enjoy and I’m sure I sound French when i use it on the table. In fact I have built quite a suite of French terms i use daily – when in a French province do as the French etc etc. The replies i receive are always with a smile – well I like to think it’s a smile as opposed to them laughing at my language phonics!

“Ta Ta Pa Pa” – I learnt this one only this trip “Come to Daddy”. This has quickly become my favourite!

Not a lot of action to report so I will just keep rambling, the previous “Ta Pi” was not called by anyone so back to the grind they go.

Let’s wander around the outer tables where the Main Event 1a has started.

Back to you shortly …


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