All-in and a call pre flop. Veronique shoves pre and a call from our chip leader Andre from seat 8.

Veronique 8d 8h

Andre 9h 7h

Flop 10 J 6

Veronique does not want to make her set now!

Turn A

River Q

Veronique doubles and cards are back in the air.

The short stacks keep getting it in good and staying in front so far – both the ladies on the table have doubled their chips!


AND we have an elimination!


Didier from seat 3 open shoves for around 20,000 and is called by Jerome in seat 2

Didier Kc Jh

Jerome Ad 10c

Flop – 2 3 Q

Turn – 4

River – 6

Didier has been eliminated in 8th spot and will collect 133,400XPF

Not much more to say, two things i know about Poker – 1. You need chips to win games 2. I forget the second thing – back to number 1

The Poker P.I.


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