pokerpi-feature800We are down to 31 players in the hunt for this first trophy. Two players have now chipped up to over 200,000 with the average currently 82,500.

Blinds are 2000-4000 with a 500 ante.


As the technology is catching up with me, here is a shot of the trophies for the event. Nice bit of hardware on top of the prize money for up to 9 people!

Down to 28 players, there will be a redraw for seats when we reach 27.


Vi grinding it out on Day 2, i caught up with her on the break “i am a little low on chips” – well Vi you are still there – good luck!

Wandering through the tournament floor just now I casted my attention to the cash game of 5 card Omaha Hi-Lo where we had a 4 way all in pre flop … it is crazy action here on the Island!

27 left and a redraw for seating has been done – three tables of 9 playing down to a final table of 10!

Yours in Poker reporting

The Poker PI



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