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They represent 16 of the remaining 76 players in the main event – some decent stacks emerging – can any of them overcome the locals. There are some quality local players still in the hunt.

Speaking of Hunt … ly … he was only talking about himself over breakfast this morning after having taken my request for a quick chip count last night to heart. Let me explain:-

There were four hands remaining in the tournament last night and I was scouting around the tables to find the day 1b chip leader – I approached his end of the table and he starting counting his chips and I say “That’s ok Dennis I’m only looking for the big stacks” – as it was the guy to his immediate right that was sitting around 68,000 at the time while Dennis held maybe 33,000 +/- … “Challenge accepted” is all I hear from Dennis as I continue stack comparisons around the room.

I am back to Dennis’ table (self proclaimed table captain) and this is how it goes down with 2 hands to go:-

  • Dennis calls a pre flop raise out of position
  • Dennis takes a flop A 8 6 m- rainbow
  • Dennis bets out 11k – original raiser calls
  • Before the turn card – Dennis slides another 11k over the bet line ‘in the dark’
  • Turn card 10
  • Mr French is waiting – Dennis asks “what are you waiting for?” – Mr French replies “I am waiting for you to act” – he didn’t see the ‘in the dark bet’ by Dennis – you get the picture
  • A little flustered now he makes the call
  • “I am ready to put it all in” announces the Frenchman
  • A deuce peels off on the river … Dennis tanks then checks … Mr Frenchman – with a two handed shove ‘Ta-pi” (All-in)

I have never seen Dennis move this fast – he was like a Cobra striking, he was out of his seat with chips in hand calling faster than the shutter of my fancy new Canon EOS camera!


Dennis turns over A 6 for two pair … MR French agreed he only held A J

Another story for Dennis – another small victory for Australia at this championship – Dennis the pin up boy of Australian Poker.


“I was living in his head rent free”

The Poker Prince and P.I. – your roving reporter!

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