We started out today at 12.30 and a little over 5 hours later we have the official final 8 for the main event. The final table bubble was burst when Chen and Serge got into a pot together, little bit of raising pre-flop and then it all went in on a flop of:-

6 8 8

Chen bets out and Serge shoves – Chen can’t make the call quick enough

Serge – 6 6 for a full house 6’s over 8’s

Chen – 8 8 – for quads on the flop!

img_2099 img_2105 img_2104 img_2097

Eat your heart out internet poker we can do it live! There have been internet worthy suck outs, worst hands getting there – suck out, re-suck and then re-re-suck outs in all tournaments.

There have been dubious calls, dubious bets and some head shaking in disbelief – and it’s not over yet!

There are some solid players amongst the crowd – there are some crazy players in the crowd as well!

So we are back tomorrow for the main event final table at 2.30pm

I will be your eyes, ears and mouth – TOUS POUR PAPA !!!!


The Poker P.I.



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