Hand reveal and analysis

Casey sitting in the one seat makes a raise to what looked like 45,000 (blinds 10,000/20,000/2000) which is pretty standard from the Hijack – Pascal sitting in the Cut-off makes the call, button and blinds get out of the way and we go to a flop

Jc 9c Ad

Check – check

Casey decides not to continuation bet here – personally I’m getting a little more aggressive on this flop, betting the Ace can make a lot of sense even if Pascal has a flush draw here to build the pot and polarise where he is at in the hand.

Check perhaps sets himself up for another street – or to peel one “non club” card so he can make a stab



Casey makes a fairly weak bet which could be taken as either a weak bet or a value pot builder of 25,000 – Pascal is getting better than 4:1 on a call here – makes a fairly brisk call



Yet another scare card it seems – at this stage it seems Casey has given up on the pot, checks to Pascal who checks behind. Cards are tabled as follows :-

Casey 8x3x – for a pair of threes

Pascal – QQ

Pascal takes down a nice sized pot.

Who knows if Pascal would have gotten attached to the queens regardless what Casey did – the both played cautiously and remain in the game – perhaps Casey could have stolen this pot earlier – we will never know!

Hand reveal number 2

Not much to analyse here, Andre shoves all-in for 57,000 pre and Mathieu raises to 200,000 – all other players fold – Pascal did ask Mathieu for a quick count but released his hand in the end.

Andre – As Qc

Mathieu – Ah Kh

Looking very good for a knockout here! but no, the board runs out like this:-

3d 10c 3c 4s … Qd

Andre doubles

Rei Sato eliminated in 10th position


And we have lost a player – Rei Sato our overall chip leader from day one has exited in 10th position – unfortunately I missed the turn out of cards but i do know it was all in pre and i also know he was behind when the chips went in, i have been told the winner (Mario) held pocket 7’s.

Robert eliminated in 9th position


Casey shoves all-in from the cut-off and Robert calls for less from the small blind.

Casey holds Kh 3h

Robert holds Qx 10x

Robert picks up a gut shot straight draw on the turn but the river is not good for him (Casey hits the flush) and he takes a respectable 9th place finish.

Mathieu eliminated in 8th position

Mathieu raised all-in pre and was called by Casey – both players turned over A 6 however Casey’s were suited in spades, i think you know where this is going. The flop gives Casey the nut flush draw and he is free rolling for this win – we don’t have to wait any longer, the dealer burns/turns the spade and Mathieu is drawing dead but just to make sure the deal burn/turns the river spade as well – just in case anyone missed it on the turn!

Well played Mathieu

Daniel Amar eliminated in 7th position


The eliminations are coming quicker than i can keep up with!

Danny played a solid game and on the turn it was flush draw against flush draw! Jerome hit his club to seal the hand and eliminate Daniel.

Pascal eliminated in 6th position

Casey is back at it again! This time i arrived at the table to a board reading:-

9s Kh 6h

There was betting and raising and all-in by Pascal quickly called by Casey

Casey held – 5d 6d – for a pair of 6’s

Pascal held – Kh Qd – for a pair of Kings and backdoor flush draw




5h !!!!

Casey hits one of the miracle cards still left in the deck, eliminates another player and accumulates more chips as we get closer to a winner!

There are five players left on the final table and i will be back with more details soon!

The Poker P.I.

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