What an amazing run and amazing player this woman is, final tables the Omaha earlier in the week for 3rd place and goes deep into the main event to finish 13th – an absolutely sensational effort!

Well done Lissy, you are a gun.

This is how it went down:-

Mitsuhiso makes a raise in mid position to 50,000 and Lisa shoves all-in from the Hijak position. Teva, on the button, tanks for a long time before making the fold, blinds get out of the way and Mitsuhiso goes into the tank … finds a call for the 90,000 extra


Lissy with the pair
Mitsuhiso tables a slightly better than 50/50 hand


Boom! Perfect, then again against a hand like A9 you can never be sure.


Oh-oh, here come the outs, any diamond for the flush or any 4 for the straight. Terrible card!



With 7 diamonds left that we know of and 4 fours, Misuhiso had a 22% chance or 5:1 against hitting his hand … but thats Poker, sometimes you are the windshield and other times you are the bug!

Congrats Lissy, a great perfomance.

The Poker P.I.

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