Twelve have become eight and the final table has been set ! On the way here we have seen some bad beats and runner runner draws and everything you expect to see in a game where you hold five cards in your hand and get to see five cards on the board! You then need to make your best ‘High’ hand from any two of your hole cards (you must use two and you can only use two) … then, if you want to win the entire pot you need to have the best qualifying ‘Low’ hand – which are the lowest five cards – again using two from your hand and three from the board starting from eight and under but they cannot pair!

Are you confused yet?

This is the game for the locals! They love it and they are good at it! They scan the board and their hand quicker than some of the Holdem players i know – in fact, most that i know!

We have only one ‘non Caledonian’ – Maddog Shanahan – he came to day two with the chip lead and he goes to the final table with the chip lead – currently sitting on a stack on 335,000!

Seat 1 – Dany – 231,000

Seat 2 – Stanley – 28,000

Seat 3 – Daniel – 104,000

Seat 4 – Gerard – 20,000

Seat 5 – Nemo – 96,000

Seat 6 – Laurent – 84,000

Seat 7 – Mario – 74,000

Seat 8 – Maddog Shanahan 335,000

Good luck !!!

The Poker P.I.


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