Only two ladies left in this event – can one of them take it down ????


Vi Vee has been all-in twice now but only survived once

In the first hand Vi Vee shoved “no look” and had to be called by the Big blind given her dwindling chip stack, she turns over 10c 10d

Seat 2 who made the call tabled 4c 3d

There is always a sweat – the board kd 3c 7s 8h 2c – safe

Vi Vee doubles !

Later …

Vi Vee all in again with Ad 10d, called by Tivo with 6c 7s 

Flop 5s 8h 4s 

Tivo flops the nuts !

Jc 4d completes the board and Vi Vee departs the game !

Veronique Chomard, it is now up to you as last woman standing!

The Poker P.I.

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