Action from the first hand!

Serge (from Australia) get’s it in on the first hand – not in good shape with Queens against Aces! flops the open ended straight – rivers the queen for the knock out and some more chips.

Maddog’s table now – Bucky (from Australia) is all in with A5 against the smaller stack A10 – top and bottom pair on the flop and Jerome’s main event is over!

Back on table 6 – queens again! this time against AJ – queens double up.

And we are down to 20 players – one more knock out and we will be hand for hand on the bubble

Omaha has started but nothing happening over there as yet blinds are 1500-3000 with an average stack of 90,000 – bring it home Lissy!

Back to the main event … we are on the bubble and are going hand for hand!

img_1872 img_1873 img_1874 img_1876 img_1878 img_1879 img_1880 img_1869

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