The above pic is the look of surprise when she won a pot earlier – the look this time was more one of disappointment.

Lissy had some time to give an interview of what went down before she left.

“Well I was in a blind with Qs Jh and there were three in the pot and there were no raises pre flop. The flop came 10h 2h 3c – checked all round … 9h on the turn and a player bets 3,000, the other guy folds and I shove for 12,000 – he makes the call and shows

Q 9s

So I’m thinking (this is still Lisa everyone) – any heart, any King or eight ! – not bad shape – plenty of outs. The 5h falls on the river and I was excited – but only briefly. I hadn’t seen that his Q was a heart – bigger flush and i didn’t have as many outs as I thought.”

So thats it peoples – wife of Maddog has hit the rail in the Main event, we will see her again in an hour for the Omaha event.

Bad luck Lissy!


The Poker P.I.


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