I know it happens a lot, but I need to write something so let’s discuss some stats. You have odds of 220:1 of being dealt pocket Aces and 331:1 of being dealt AK suited.

But, to what extent does this change for both hands once the Aces started being dealt on the same hand – there are two less Aces for AK to have the possibility of catching. Anyway the numbers aren’t that important until you are faced with a decision. Let’s agree they get blow out of normal pre flop ratio’s.

Seat 3 raises in early position and is re-reraised by late position player, seat 3 goes into the tank and deduces that he should shove all in – he had invested 4,500 at this point (25% of his stack) – re-raised to 14,500 – I can’t disagree with the shove here – unless you put the guy on EXACTLY two Aces or two Kings then you are either well behind or just in bad shape.

So thats how the story books will show it went down – Aces re-raised – AK suited tank shoved – Aces called and of course there was a sweat on the flop for a gutshot broadway (any Q) – the turn card was the case Ace – now any Q only chops the pot and thats all seat 3 can hope for – a chop … brick on the river and its all over!


We lose a player, down to 55

Shuffle up and deal please

The Poker P.I.

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