I didn’t catch the action until the river bet by Jerome – he slid 65,000 into the middle. Olivia tank-called and Jerome shows K 2 for top and bottom pair. Olivia shows a King and mucks her cards. This saw her stack reduce to 145,000 and the 330,000 +/- pot goes to Jerome.

Next hand

Jerome and Olivia battle again, this time following a 50,000 river bet by Jerome, Olivia shoves all-in and Jerome tank calls. Olivia shows a full house, 8’s full of 7’s having turned two pair and filled up on the river when the 8 repeated.

Jerome showed the nut straight with J 10 – having turned the nuts.


Olivia back around 300,000 territory and Jerome back around 420,000

Andre losing blinds.

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