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It’s all happening and Australia has just doubled up on the final table for the Freezeout. Surrounded by the french our boy Ray got it in good flopping a 7 high straight with the “Geebel” – that’s 3 5 off or suited for those that are no in the know!

So Ray is off, on his own, to battle the french – good luck my friend. TOUS POUR PAPA!

The Sleuth and the Poker P.I. are looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow – first day off the laptop for 10 days straight – no doubt it will be filled with a bit of site seeing around paradise. The Sleuth has done a pretty good job – there have however been a couple of interesting quotes come out of his mouth. The first one was a couple of nights ago – he rocked into the room around 1.30am after qualifying for day 2 of the deep stack event – we chatted about the highs and lows and then he said this

“I wouldn’t be there if i didn’t have any chips”

Well – Sherlock – captain obvious – well done. I put it down to the long day on the felt … however …

He just backed this comment up, just now, with this little pearl of wisdom …

“When you think about it (referring to the Hyper turbo players left) – one of these 76 people are going to win it”

Well, tie me down and call me papa – are you serious right now?

Anyway – i am taking applications for the position of Sleuth for future events – its hard to soar like an eagle when you work with turkeys!

The Poker P.I. out …

The Sleuth – in between jobs …


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