4th place – Paul Ward – $3,500

3rd place – Paul Whitman – $8,000

2nd place – T Bone – $8,000 – and our champion is Greg McKenzie – $13,000

This is how it would play out – Greg calls the big blind and T Bone shoves all-in for around $3M … Greg makes an easy call with Jacks versus the Ah7h of T Bone … the flop brings a heart for T Bone – but the worst one! the jack giving Greg a set. T Bone needs two running hearts without pairing the board – pretty slim and in the end the championship hand would be Jacks full of eights!

Both players played extremely well, congrats guys, Queensland couldn’t win the NRL grad final last night but at least you kept one trophy up North!

Time for this writer to late rego for the high roller event !!!

The Poker P.I.




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