The final table has been set, from a total field of 500 we are down to the October 9!

Seat 1 – Paul Ward – 815,000

Seat 2 – T Bone – 2,905,000

Seat 3 – Andrew Abdy – 1,275,000

Seat 4 – John Virgona – 430,000

Seat 5 – Greg McKenzie – 3,575,000

Seat 6 – Geoff Menz – 1,865,000

Seat 7 – Michael Rowley – 2,565,000

Seat 8 – Kieren Christensen – 1,525,000

Seat 9 – Paul Whitman – 1,165,000

Payout Structure

1st $16,000

2nd $8,000

3rd $5,000

4th $3,500

5th $3,000

6th $2,500

7th $2,000

8th $1,500

9th $1,000


Who will take out this inaugural event?

The Tournament director has confirmed the starting blinds at 40,000/80,000 and antes will be taken out of play for the final table to allow all players the opportunity to play a deep final table without this becoming a shove fest.

The current average is a little over 1,600,000 so there is plenty of room for Poker to be played this afternoon.

Plenty of games on here at the Acacia Ridge Hotel today:

Teams event starts at 1pm with 90 minutes late rego ($60 + $6) per team

High Roller event starts at 6pm tonight ($220 + $30) plus one re-entry allowed are here (event organiser) displaying the latest and greatest in home and league gaming requirements with everything from card protectors to LED luxury tables and everything in between.

We will be live streaming the final table (30 minutes delayed telecast) from around 1.30pm (Brisbane time) – simply follow the link below:

Or simply download the “Twitch” app and search ‘lcapoker’

Action will be underway shortly, our TD is introducing all the players now and they are taking their seats!

Watch the stream or keep an eye on the blog!

The Poker P.I. aka The Prince



2 thoughts on “Australian Poker Tour – Brisbane

    1. Hi John … sorry we didn’t update the other results – the P.I. was given the green light on the final day of the main. I will try and source that detail for you.

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