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We are on the bubble with 19 players remaining – play has tightened up, that is, until i just witnessed an all in and call with Kd 10d versus the call by the blind (and much larger stack) with 6d 9d – the board ran out like it should and the 69 went into the muck. The gentlemen announcing when the cards were on their back “it’s my birthday” – I guess everyone has favourite cards for a reason!

Reminds me of a good friend of mine – he has a hand called the believer – he will raise it and play it like Aces! Not everyone can play this hand @daniel bennett – but when you do “you have to believe”

I digress …

View from Grand Casino across the ocean!


I am digressing again …

We are still on the bubble.

Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000


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