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Maddog Shanahan approaches the table to tell me about a hand, a very obscure hand that just went down on his table. It went a little something like this:

Lady french raises to 100 pre (blinds are 25/50)

Joelle calls the 100

Flop A 10 8

Joelle checks – lady french bets 500 – Joelle calls

Turn 8

Joelle checks – Lady French bets 1,000 – Joelle re-raises to 2,500 – Lady French calls

River Q

Bet by Joelle – raise by lady french – re-raise by Joelle – all-in … called – you get the picture …

It is at this point that Maddog walks away and says “come and see me when you think you know what the hands were – you will never guess!”

I like a challenge so i immediately discounted pockets Aces and tens – the flush draw didn’t get there so lets think about something obscure … my guess ended up as ‘Q 8’ and ‘Ks Js’

I was correct with the Q 8 (Joelle’s hand) however lady french held ‘QQ’ ! And obviously she doubled – Joelle still had chips and lives to fight another pot.

The Poker P.I.


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