For some today is the first and last chance to build a stack toward Day 2 and beyond, for others, like Dennis Huntly, it is another bullet being emptied out of the clip that represents yet another buy-in.

Dennis grinded away yesterday, it was a downward spiral, he was bleeding chips like a haemophiliac and it just wouldn’t stop! One of the shortest main event appearances, ever, in my humble opinion – and I won’t be giving him the right of reply – so let me go on record to say that his performance was worse than the rowdy Australians heard on the 5 card Omaha cash table last night – there was a guy bleeding the chips the same as Dennis was at the main however one was at least having fun …

We have had 68 entries so far in flight 1b and 65 players are still in contention. If it goes anything like yesterday we can expect to lose half the field by the end of level 8 and come back tomorrow with around 70 players.

A few new faces on the felt today, and some familiar faces you will recognise from yesterday. The APT have a structure whereby if you aren’t happy with your flight 1a chip stack then you can just try again in flight 1b and the largest stack will form your chip stack on Day 2 – handy for those that get themselves down to those last few chips and just can’t ‘get them in’ with the intention of re-buying anyway.

Some shots from around the tables:

img_1361 img_1363 img_1365 img_1366 img_1367 img_1368 img_1369 img_1371 img_1372 img_1373 img_1374 img_1376 img_1377 img_1378 img_1379 img_1380 img_1381 img_1382


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