This started off as a 3 way pot pre flop with Mathieu shoving all in for 14k, called by both Andre and Kenichi.

Flop 2h 2c Ac

Andre bets 5,000 in the dry side pot and Kenichi calls

Turn 9h

Andre bets – Kenichi folds

Mathieu tables Ad 6s for top pair

Andre tables Js 2s for a set of two’s – brutal!

Two jack off gets there … OK they were suited by i had to throw that one in!


One of the friendliest guys I have ever met over here was next to go to slaughter at the hands of Olivia. Danny open shoved for over 70k and Olivia made the call

Danny 9c 10c

Olivia 8s 8d

Flop 3s Jh 4s

Turn 4h

Danny is still looking for a 10 or 9 to take this pot down, he wasn’t in that bad a shape pre flop taking a 50/50 flip, however the 6s on the river isn’t what he was looking for and he will bow out 6th and collect over 174,000XPF

The Poker P.I.

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