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All players to the flop for a family pot!

What could go wrong?

Well I’m glad you asked – Chen could pick up a draw and Joseph could have a made hand – that’s what!

Let’s examine the hands and stacks first

Joseph –  Kh 10c and around 350+/- behind

Chen – 6h 8h and around 800 behind – heaps

No raise by Joseph here – i don’t like it – i don’t like it at all. If you are going to play them then at least come in for a raise to make consider whether it’s a good idea to play rags (suited or not) out of position!

So it’s all in on the flop – top pair against flush draw or runner runner straight etc – Chen picks up a repeat on the turn for a pair of sixes. Now any heart, any 6, any 8 … heart on the river and that’s it for Joseph.

3 left!

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